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Vinyl is Magic #localrecordstore
May 27, 2024
I had recently bought a basic record player, much like this Victrola, after my Dad had gifted me some records we used to listen to when I was a kid. I was newly hooked on vinyl, the sound, the feel, and mostly the nostalgia of discovering new music that my Dad would turn me on to as a budding young musician.
Locals Only #towniesummer
May 22, 2024
A fun trend that happens in our occasionally sleepy college town, when the semester ends...
Beats, Beans, Baristas #keepitfresh
Apr 04, 2024
We love what we do and we want to keep doing it, so order some beans today and know that you are not only getting quality, freshly roasted coffee for your home, but you are supporting live music and the creative economy of Athens, GA. 

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